Orville Peck Gets Nude for Paper Mag

Oh my!

Paper writes – “

Orville Peck has always been known for his masks. Back in 2018, when the South African-born, Canada-raised country singer first popped onto our radars with the sultry, aching croon of his debut single “Big Sky,” the facial accessories were an immediate calling card. With a leather upper that covered everything save for his piercing blue eyes and draping fringe that shrouded his mouth, chin and neck, the masks were playfully mysterious and seductively fetishistic. In a culture increasingly obsessed with“accessibility” and starved for “relatability” from its biggest stars, there was something undeniably intriguing about this perceived sense of anonymity — and about Peck’s theater kid commitment to the bit.

But in the half-decade since then, as Peck’s star has continued to rise, as he’s gone from an upstart on buzzy imprint Sub Pop to the “first openly gay country artist to get signed to a major label,” as he’s graduated from seedy dive bars to the stages of Coachella and Stagecoach (in the same year, at that), the artist has started to peel off some of these trademark layers, slowly but surely showing us more and more of the man behind the mask. While the visuals for his breakout Juno-nominated project Pony and its darker, more brooding followup Bronco were defined by the allure of his hidden face, Peck’s most recent videos have found him abandoning the fringe entirely, relying on little more than a simple Zorro-like covering up top, his angular features and perfectly coiffed beardnow in full, unobstructed view.” READ MORE at PAPER

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