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BAISE PLATINE is an urgent, tense, feverish, joyful and intimate record that speaks to us about desire.
Written, composed, recorded almost obsessively in just 8 days at the end of summer 2023, it was constructed in the order of its final tracklist, it is an organic and raw concept album – a logical
continuation of the EP Fou and the album Rien Compris (released respectively on October 19, 2021 and January 20, 2023) which invited us to explore with Sébastien the twists and turns of his life, his cracks and his mental health.

Listen the new album here kuronekomedia

This album is an ode to love and sexuality, and more particularly to gay sexuality. A theme approached from several angles, from the most joyful to the most painful; from the first shy time with a girl and the
fear of coming out (Émilie), to the intensity of sex without attachment (Le Mat), through consent (Trop Souvent Oui), chemsex (Karaokétamine), free love/polyamory (Désir Canicule) and its romantic relationships (Montée d’Amour – which closes the record as a synthesis of all these questions). Societal issues addressed in the first person, with disarming sincerity and sensitivity. If the intimate is political, Baise Platine is much more than a catalog of confidences, it is a declaration, a cry, a motto.

What could we say about Sébastien Delage?

He grew up in the suburbs, not very happy, not very handsome, acne, not sporty, few friends, a few girlfriends, he mainly likes video games, drawing, smoking weed, music and boys – but that comes more late. Delage, in his bio we could say that he is always looking for a family, a chosen family, a family that treats him well, a solid family, a slightly queer family that would resemble him.

Sébastien, he could have become and remained an English teacher. He could have married Émilie, built a nice life for himself. A nice life. But he wanted to go far from his suburbs, even if Paris is not that far.
And then, he started with others before, a band in which he didn’t sing or write, an album with a big label but it didn’t suit him. His creativity finds its source in autonomy, in self-production, in the off-camera – the passionate, patient, maniacal, precise and obsessive work in her little maid’s room.

He said a lot of things in his first two opuses (the EP Fou and the album Rien Compris),
one might think he said it all… Homosexual libido… Bipolarity… Polyamory…
The second album, a challenge of affirmation, is the one where we forget Hollydays, his
first band.
Baise Platine is the point of continuity in Delage’s exploration, trying to surround
himself with a gay world but not only that, a queer, creative world, claiming its different universes and its particularities, its own desires, its normative counter- culture.

Sébastien then continues to produce thanks to his label and in addition to his music,
videos, other LGBTQIA+ artists, fanzines, and soon a podcast seeking to participate in
the celebration of a world and a culture in which he wants to be an actor. Emancipated.
Sébastien Delage has emancipated himself. He wrote his name with his first album Rien
. An album in the form of a sincere, humble, shy and yet assumed declaration. A first layer of himself that he built alone in his mini studio, a first exposure that sings of sex, mental health, the lightness of existence always tinged with nostalgia. And if a first album is like a terrifying autobiography, the second poses another challenge: that of the musical and artistic trajectory. That of becoming an artist.

L. Bigórra

The Podcast

Baise Platine: The Podcast aims to address and deepen questions of queer sexuality from the album Baise Platine in order to bring other angles to it. It will be divided into 3 episodes with different LGBTQIA+ guest-artists-activists, it is co-hosted by Sébastien and L. Bigórra.
The 3 episodes will be constructed as discussions launched around questions prepared according to the themes of the episode after introduction of the theme and presentation of the guests. The idea is to offer a caring and safe framework in order to share experiences and/or points of view on our sexuality from a queer perspective on questions that are not always easy to discuss. The episodes will be available one by one starting May 24 every Friday on streaming platforms.
With François Sagat, Icy Diamond & Tom De Montmartre/Lolla Wesh

Avec Mélissa Laveaux, Thibaut Pez & Thx4Crying
(sortie le 7 juin)
With Jean-Victor Blanc (Psychiatrist), Kaj Hamelin
(AIDeS), Tim Madesclaire (author and sexual guide
at Spot Beaumarchais & AIDeS) & Mathias Chaillot

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