‘The Amazing Race 36’ Winners Ricky Rotandi and César Aldrete

Cuties for the win! The boyfriends also talk how surprised they were with how much their life experience applied to this season’s tasks.

Parade reports – Ricky and César Aldrete knew nobody would take them seriously going into The Amazing Race. Coming from New York City with personalities as colorful as their shirts, they were far from your prototypical dominating team. But to say the boyfriends proved everyone wrong would be an understatement. Their combination of navigation skills, adaptability, and experience at seemingly every chance proved to be lethal, as they crushed the competition from start to finish. Things had changed monumentally since the Mexican heat of the starting line to the Philly chill of the finish line. Ricky and César dominated yet again in the final leg, not only winning first place, but cementing their legacy as one of the best teams of all time.

Ricky and César started their race by using their previous experience in Puerto Vallarta to see through the “catch” in the first Detour. That ended up being emblematic of their entire race. Whether it was drag, cooking, baseball, or welding, they seemed to have a history with nearly every task they picked, giving them an anchor to accomplish everything with relative ease. On top of that, in a season where self-driving was more important than ever, they were the only pair to consistently do well, both with navigating the streets and the stress. As a result, they came into the finale with six first-place finishes, never coming in below second. The penultimate leg proved to be their worst, as Ricky finally met his match in windsurfing. But even if he couldn’t find his balance in the Roadblock, they showcased their balance as a team in the final leg. Ricky and César took the lead due to (of course) Ricky’s time as a mascot and his knowledge of Philadelphia. And so, for the last time, the couple surged ahead of the pack and never looked back, winning their seventh leg and the million-dollar prize.

The day after the finale, Ricky and César talk with Parade.com about how they turned from superfans into racers, their surprise at their dominance, and how their relationship grew as “perfect partners” racing around the world together.

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