ARTIST SPOTLIGHT – Fabro Tranchida

Fabro Tranchida (1987, Buenos Aires), recent winner of the Guggenheim Museum New York Fellowship, is a visual artist, teacher and BA in Art and Culture Management from UNTREF. He has exhibited visual research on the representations of youth and masculinity in exhibitions such as SHORTS (2016, El Mirador Espacio), Sobre los declives y las islas (2015, Centro Cultural Paco Urondo), La misa de los pibes (2015, Casa Brandon) and Boyness (2014, El Mirador Espacio).

As a visual artist he has been exhibiting his work regularly since 2012. In 2015 he founded the artistic duo Los picoletos, together with Dante Litvak, with which he has developed an extensive artistic discourse linked to dissident youth identities, presenting solo-shows in institutions such as the Museo Patio Herreriano (Valladolid), Fundación BilbaoArte (Bilbao), among others of a private nature, and collaborating with other artists such as Niño de Elche, Pedro G. Romero, Adrián Castañeda, among others.

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