Lauv – “Potential” Official Music Video

Lauv recently released a new song titled “Potential”, which explores his sexuality, which he had addressed in a few videos posted online.

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UPROXX reports – On “Potential,” Lauv ponders the thought of getting close with a longtime friend. A poppy, queer bop arriving just in time for a sweet, sexy summer, “Potential” signifies new beginnings for Lauv.

“Oh, damn, I think we got potential / I call it how I see it, and I see it in my mental / Like, damn, I know we could be special / I’ll sell you on the vision, but this heart is not for rental / Like, damn, don’t mean no disrespectful / I know you’re with somebody, but your body shouldn’t settle,” Lauv sings on the song’s chorus.

‘Potential’ is about realizing you have feelings for someone and dreaming about the potential of what it could be,” Lauv shares. “It’s the beginning of my next, most authentic chapter, and I can’t wait to share this and everything that’s coming next.”

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