Mark Ruffalo for Perfect 2024

Perfect˙ Issue Six.

Home: A panoply of talents share the landscapes where they belong, where they love, where they create, where they return to for sustenance. 594 pages featuring an epic star studded portfolio photographed by the iconic David Bailey in his legendary London studio. With stories by Willy Vanderperre, Juergen Teller, Felix Cooper, Malick Bodian, T-Bone Fletcher, Bryce Anderson, Thibault-Théodore, Sebastián Faena, Liz Collins, Carlijn Jacobs and Toby McFarlan Pond.

Mark Ruffalo for Perfect 2024

📸 by Willy Vanderperre

From the mighty Hollywood swagger of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the arthouse absurdism of Poor Things, Mark Ruffalo’s breadth as an actor transcends any limitations of genre. In a wide-ranging interview for Perfect, he speaks to Amber Later about the oppressive state of contemporary politics, the ways in which social media limits our behaviour and the narrative function of sex in filmmaking. ‘I feel like we’re in this prudish time for films. Sexuality is so deeply connected to the psychology of a character. And it should be explored in that sense, too.’ 

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