Jeremy Allen White in Calvin Klein Underwear Campaign

Since first laying my eyes on Jeremy Allen White on The Bear, I became obsessed with his gorgeous nose. Yes, I’m a nose man. I was thrilled to see these shots of White flowing all of my social media yesterday as the new face/body of Calvin Klein.

GQ exclusive: behind-the-scenes of White’s Calvin Klein campaign.

As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, on the rare occasions he ventured into Lower Manhattan to visit his best friend, Jeremy Allen White was awed by the sheer enormity of the city. The buildings towered, the streets were wider, and even the billboards seemed bigger. “You couldn’t help but look at the [Calvin Klein] billboard,” White told GQ during a recent phone call. “It’s so massive. I always associated it—and still associate it—with New York City itself.” Now White, stripped down to Calvin Klein’s iconic skivvies, is the larger-than-life star of the brand’s new Spring 2024 campaign from photographer Mert Alas.

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