Portraits of “The Old Gays” Then & Now Show Us the Beauty of our Queer Elders

OUT reports – In a newly released set of portraits from photographer and Young Queer America author Maxwell Poth, the former Out100 cover stars and social media personalities are absolutely glowing. Captured in Poth’s signature black-and-white style, the photographs of each Old Gay member (Michael PetersonBilly LyonsJesse L. Martin, & Robert E. Reeves), when juxtaposed with photos of their younger selves, stand as a reminder that growing older is a blessing, and that seeing our queer elders live, thrive, and radiate joy is something we need to see more of.

“It’s a beautiful thing to see and meet our queer elders. Not only to admire their age and beauty, but also to cherish the stories and the queer joy they hold within themselves,” Poth tells Out. “It wasn’t long ago that the person in front of you had most likely lost many people in their lives – an entire generation of stories and memories living on only through them. Yet, at the same time, they carry their own history and queer joy. It is extremely important to document and learn from our seasoned queens. They have so much insight and love to share with us.””I am very grateful to have met The Old Gays,” he continued. “I took these images last April while working with them on a project. They were such a joy to work with, and I loved every second of getting to know them and hearing their stories. You are loved!”Scroll through to see Poth’s stunning portraits of The Old Gays! And for more on Maxwell and his work, make sure to follow him on Instagram, @maxwellpoth.

Michael Peterson

Jesse L. Martin

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Follow photographer Maxwell on Instagram, @maxwellpoth

Billy Lyons

Robert E. Reeves

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