Playgirl Cover Star Maluma Wants to be Your Daddy

The global music superstar is settling down, but not in the way you think


Las Vegas is a town where the drinks are strong, the tables hot and the women even hotter, with velvet ropes and bottle service and the penthouse suites overlooking the Strip. It’s a hedonist’s paradise, the sort of place you’d expect a superstar sex icon like Maluma to unleash his womanizing alter-ego. But these days, Sin City has surprisingly little to offer Maluma apart from work, like the concert he performed for Super Bowl weekend. Instead, he’s aching to be 3,000 miles south in his hometown of Medellín, next to girlfriend Susana Gómez and their soon-to-be baby girl, Paris.
Back in October, the reggaeton trap-pop hitmaker — born Juan Luis Londoño Arias — announced the couple is expecting in the music video for “Procura,” an urbano-bachata banger about a passionate, extraordinary romance from his latest studio album, Don Juan. Beginning with footage from a concert where he declares his love for Susana and Paris, it’s clear the 30-year-old now has different priorities. He knows he’s already spent the past decade enjoying the spoils of his “nice life,” with enough V.I.P. clubs, “crazy” sexcapades, and last-minute trips to Miami, where he was “living hard” by “drinking a lot and spending a lot of time with women.” Playgirl – Read More

Playgirl cover star @maluma wants to be your daddy. 
Photography: @daniellelevitt
Stying: @ugomozie
Creative Direction: @askmrmickey
Interview: @sndrsng
Production: @danielmckernan
Playgirl • March 2024

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