Wilson Cruz, 50 and Thriving!

I’ve stumbled on to several posts today about Wilson Cruz being 50 years old featuring some welcomed thirst traps. It’s fallen directly in the middle of my thoughts this week about writing a fun book about being 50+ and tips on thriving, a sort of survival guide.

In the meantime, enjoy these shots of Wilson grabbed from his Instagram where he lists some of the secrets to a healthy body and mind:

Mornings with Wilson, (because some have asked about the every morning routine).

Yoga: at least 20mins (30-60 on non-lifting days)

At least 10min meditation

3X supersets (in succession, back to back)
20 ab rollouts
20 push ups
Pull ups to failure

Take on the day. Lift 3, maybe 4 times a week. 🫶🏽

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