Photographer Spotlight – Stanley Stellar Captured Decades of Men 

Brooklyn native Stanley Stellar was educated at Parsons School of Design where he focused on graphic design and photography. Stellar’s photography has been exhibited in galleries in the U.S. and Europe, presented and discussed in over a dozen anthologies, and featured on the covers of 26 international magazines. The Beauty of All Men, Photographs 1976-2011, a monograph, was published by All Saints Press.

Stellar photographs the visual culture of men, creating a depth and humanity in his photographs. One senses the person and not just the body. Being one of the photographers of the early period of gay liberation, many of his images from that time have become icons of that history.

He lives and works in Manhattan.

Find Stanely on Instagram and contact at

DECADES of men! Find out more information and check out all of his work at What’s your favorite decade?

I’ve been running through Stanley Stellar’s website exploring decade by decade of the men he has captured. I’m thinking my favorites are the the 70s and 80s but then my mind changes from picture to picture. I’ve included some of my tasty favorites below.

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