Friday, September 29, 2023
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UNCENSORED FILM | “Water Falls in Love” by Antonio Da Silva Touches All My Senses | Watch

There are few independent erotic filmmakers where I sit on the edge of my seat in anticipation of their next film. Antonio Da Silva gives me all I need in his work and touches all of my senses.

WATER FALLS IN LOVE film is about connecting with the self, with the other and with the male collective as one! Water is where we come from. It’s the where we are happy and feel at home.

This film is a poem about the beauty of the male body in his primary habitat without filters. Those bodies vibrate with each-other  and with nature. The sexual tension is connected with the wind, plants, rocks, water and fire. It’s like a ballet that brings all the elements together in a mystical experience.

Waterfalls are magical places. It was in a waterfall that I experienced love with another man for the first time. We were alone and naked…

With: Alef, Andre Medeiros Martins, Artur Paulo, Bruno Morais, Carlos Jordão, Chico Lima, Coolbull, Daniel S, Daniel Sanches, Darí Mendes Duarte, Diego Mur, David dos Santos, Guilherme Reges, Hudson de Carvalho, Hugo Faz, HungBerlinGuy, Luc, Lucas Moreno, Mateus Rodrigues, Porpoise, Raomi Pani, Raoni, Saul Gurrola, Valentin Braun and Yuri Oberon.
Camera: Antonio Da Silva, Andre Medeiros Martins, Cinelli Duarte, Daniel Sanches and Joshua Evans
Music: Santiago Latorre con Colin Self, Atabey Mamasita & Nieves Arilla – Architecture of Friendship – 01 Canto primero
Editing and Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva
Sound effects: E.A.P. Music Productions
Photos: Antonio Da Silva and Victor Diniz
Thanks to: Christophe Machado and Lua Nua
Year: 2023
Length: 10 mnts

Enjoy the trailer below. Then watch full film and support the filmmakers work here


Find Antonio Da Silva on Twitter

Those are the twitters accounts of some of the film participants. @lucasmorenx , @daromendesduart , @coolbull_ , @YuriOberon , @andremmartins1 , @BOYoporto , @DanielShowsOff , @hungberlinguy ,

Enjoy some stills from the film shared with me from the filmmaker below. Photographer on Twitter

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