Friday, September 29, 2023

Berlin |Instinct #14 Désir (Desire) Collective Exhibition

Curated by Yves de Brabander & Eric LeRouge

we are village, Kurfürstenstraße 31/32, 10785 Berlin

September 7–16, 2023


Thursday, Sep 7, 18:00 opening

Friday, Sep 8, 19/20:30 talk by Durk Dehner and Richard Villani from the
Tom of Finland Foundation
Saturday, Sep 9, 17:00 lecture performance Gio Black Peter
Saturday, Sep 9, 17:00 screening Refugee’s Welcome (Director Bruce LaBruce, 2017)
with a pre-program of 5 short movies

Sunday, Sep 10, 17/18:00 artists talk with all the artists. 

Friday, Sep 15, 19/21:00 we.are.village writers group
Saturday Sep 16, 17/18:00 closing

The exhibition Desire provides a thought-provoking exploration of sexual orientations, gender expressions, and the profound influence of desire on our identities and relationships. We celebrate the diverse spectrum of desire and sexuality while challenging traditional perspectives, ultimately aiming to foster a more inclusive and accepting society.
Drawing inspiration from Michel Foucault’s examination of the fluidity of desire, our exhibition seeks to challenge the binary model of gender and embrace a more nuanced understanding of identity. We acknowledge that desire transcends fixed categories and instead acts as a dynamic force that influences how we perceive ourselves and engage with others.

We aim to challenge traditional notions of desire and sexuality, as well as to highlight the importance of sex positivity in creating a more inclusive and diverse society. We reflect on the progress that has been made in terms of reducing discrimination based on sexuality, race and gender, and the work that still needs to be done to create a truly inclusive and accepting society.

What made this evolution happen? 

Was it a change in cultural norms or a more accepting attitude towards diversity? 

Or did it come about through a greater understanding of our own desires and the desire for the unknown?

With works by

Annique Delphine, Bruce LaBruce, Florian Hetz, Gio Black Peter, Hanna Schaich, Hinrich Kroeger, Jack Davey, Jochen Hass, Łukasz Leja, Mathieu & Leolo, Matt Lambert, Sacha Cambier de Montravel, Slava Mogutin, Stuart Sandford ,Yves de Brabander, Wayne Lucas, among others.

Thank you to the Tom of Finland Foundation and the Schwules Museum Berlin for their support. 


Instinct is a non-profit project supported by and part of the we.are.village program

Instinct presents exhibitions of artists whose practice includes a perspective on queer identity, politics and theory. Biannually, on Easter and in September, these exhibitions—and accompanying performances, talks and other events—take place at Village.Berlin, the community centre dedicated to somatic bodywork for queer people.

Initiated in 2015 by Eric Le Rouge, Instinct also has a residency program that brings artists to Berlin, providing them a workspace, community, and access to all events by we.are.village. Over the years Instinct has evolved into an international network of artists, creatives, art professionals and volunteers who are investing in creating dialogue and aesthetical experimentation in a safe and queer communal space.

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