Friday, September 29, 2023

Andre Serfontein | South African Artist Explores the Human Form

“Drawing, painting and sculpting are all different ways for me to explore the human form.”

An artistic but above all stylistic maturity is evident in the features of the works of Andre Serfontein, a South African artist who through his painting manifests so much beauty but above all a balanced elegance given by the brush strokes, by the elongated figures and by the color contrasts.TOH

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TOH reports – Andre Serfontein was born and continues to live in his beautiful and warm Africa, specifically in the multicultural city of Cape Town. Passionate about art, he decides to abandon his previous job to devote himself entirely to painting and sculpture. What prevails most of the art of Andre Serfontein are certainly the paintings depicting naked men. Men with elongated necks, parts of the body accentuated and exaggerated by spontaneous strokes that Andre Serfontein applies without pausing much. A celebration of physical diversity, to remind us that no one is perfect but that we are all unique.

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