Man on Man Release “Take it From Me” Music Video

Today Man on Man have shared their official music video for “Take it From Me”. Man on Man might be the most relatable band ever to this 50 year gay dude. Their songs never shy away from queer history and celebrate the beautiful underbelly of gay life, past and present.

M.O.M. Statement.
Two proud moments for us to share today. It’s all about the pride. First is the video for TAKE IT FROM ME, the opening song on our record, Provincetown, that comes out June 16. The song and video is kind of a love letter to queer history and a stance on where we sit as a community as Gay becomes pay. You’ll get it. Second is the last song on our record. It’s called HUSH and it’s a wallop. Our good friend and favorite wizard J Mascis (guitarist and main songwriter for the alternative rock band Dinosaur Jr) played guitar on it. Experience both and get back to us. Check out the LP pre order, come see us on tour this summer and if you’re in NYC come to the mega bday celebration July 1 at Bowery. Love you all.

Thanks to @jmascis and @reichenheim for the love.

Video shot and directed by @unholyroman at Coffey Street Studio.

Photo in second slide by @bryson_d_rand.

Thanks to @xavierreminick@beansinqueens@shortjewishgirl@marz_in_scorpio@charlotterpop@frank.smiles_ for being in the video. Love you freaks.

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