America’s First Legal Shroom Therapy Center Will Charge $3,500 for ‘High Dose’ Trips

VICE reports –

The first licensed facility where people can legally buy and consume shrooms in the U.S. will charge over $3,500 for a “high dose” trip. 

Eugene Psychedelic Integrative Center is the first psilocybin service center to be licensed by Oregon, the first state in the U.S. to legalize shrooms for adults. Shrooms purchased legally in the state must be taken under supervision by trained facilitators at licensed centers. (Separately, Oregon has decriminalized small-scale possession of all drugs.) 

Eugene Psychedelic Integrative Center is currently accepting clients to its waitlist, with plans to start offering sessions soon. But according to the center’s price list, the services won’t come cheap. 

A “high dose” session, lasting 6 hours, costs $3,500 plus the cost of medicine; the price includes a one-hour prep session and one-hour integration session after taking the psilocybin. 

A “level 1 microdose” session lasting 1-2 hours costs $500 for an individual; a “level 2 microdose,” “low dose,” and “medium dose” cost $800, $1,800, and $2,800, respectively, for an individual. Group pricing, which is less expensive, is also available. 

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