Mad Tsai – “In My Head” Music Video, A Follow Up to “Stacy’s Brother”

We have become huge fans of Mad Tsai since we fell in love with his song and video for “Stacy’s Brother”. We been waiting in anticipation of his next track. Wait no longer. Mad Tsai has released “In my Head” into the world.

Statement from Mad Tsai – “there’s so much to say. this song is probably the most special song that i’ve ever released, and it means the world to me that i can give it to the world now. for those who don’t know, my original plan was to release a different song to follow up Stacy’s brother, but my grandmother unfortunately passed away in December from her battle with cancer. she was my favorite person in the entire world, and we used to play this song for her while she was in the hospital. i wanted this song to come out in her honor and to create a short film that would connect into the world that i’ve been creating with this project. this song is dedicated to my amah, who was the most special person in my life. i hope you all can resonate with this song and that it connects to a part of you. love you all. – Mad “

Scroll down to watch the music video from “Stacy’s Bothers.”

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