Artist Guillaume Kashima Shares Erotic Drawings

Those who have pushed ever, know that to create a fanzine/small book, we also create a lot of material that doesn’t end up in it. So Guillaume Kashima collected drawings in winter and spring, and published his little book Fanzine’22 in Summer. Take a look below.

Artworks by Guillaume Kashima. Follow on Instagram and at

Artist statement –

My name is Guillaume Kashima. I’m a French illustrator currently living in Berlin. 

I started my career as a graphic designer in advertising but later moved on to illustration. From this experience, I kept a direct and minimal approach of images as a vector of communication.

My work today embraces different fields and medium such as prints, apps and ceramics. It is also very versatile in terms of visual aesthetics, but my process always originates from boldness, wit and humor.

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